Saturday, 9 April 2011

More Floating Blossoms

Hi everyone,

Here's the card for today:

I love this stamp! It's just so easy to use, so bold and the result is always great!

If you want to know how I made this one, look at this post.

Phew! Just had a lovely Greek meal tonight and I am 'pogged', as my husband likes to say :)
I'd better go and sleep it off!


Tasha :)


  1. A perfect thank you card, bright and cheerful!
    I could do Greek! Yum! But tonight I'm making Ethiopian. Complete with teff inerja.

  2. Love the bright bold colors Tasha! Hmmm I think I have to rethink dinner. You had Greek, Dorcas is having Ethiopian, and we are having hamburgers! Sounds so boring now!


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