Friday, 8 April 2011

Handmade cards and... JEWELLERY!!!

Hi everyone,

Well, I know it's been a little while (sorry about that), but I have been busy crafting! Promise!

And now, I'd like to reveal the long-awaited jewellery part of my blog!
These are my first pieces, and I do like them! I never really wear pearls but I wore this necklace/earring combo yesterday, and it made me feel all grown-up and sophisticated :)
(That soon ended when I took it off before bed!)

Anyway... here it is:

The set

The necklace

The earrings

And a close-up of the two together

So, the roses in the earrings and necklace are made from Fimo polymer clay.
The earrings are the fish-hook kind, and have a little pearl above the rose to tie everything together.
I chose blue and white because the 'nautical' theme is very 'in' right now (not like me to be aware of the latest fashion but it's kind of unavoidable at the moment - it's all that's in the shops!!! But I like it :)

Okay, so I hope you liked this post! I'll be back with another card a little later on.

Thanks for popping over!

Tasha :)


  1. Hey Tasha hunny, love the pearls and roses... very elegant :o)

    Catch up soon
    Anne Marie x

  2. Hey Tasha! I love them! I did see them at the meeting but up close they look really cute! The pearls add a sweet touch! :)


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