Thursday, 19 April 2012

New Look

Hi everyone,

So, you may have noticed that I fiddled around with my site a little while ago, and ended up deleting my logo and was a bit stumped as to how to undo this!
Unfortunately, I couldn't.
So. I went for a much prettier fix: do you like my new look?!

I went with a pretty pre-made template from I LOVE pennants and bunting, so I'm pleased with the look here.

Hope you like it too - in much happier with it now so hopefully will encourage me to post more. Although saying that, I've just started a new job, plus will be becoming an Aunty soon, as well as all my other commitments... Thank goodness I have crafting to give me some much-needed 'me' time, eh? :)

Thanks for stopping by - I'll hopefully be back with a new card very soon!

Tasha :)

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  1. Your new blog look is great Natasha! Dorcas told me about your becoming an auntie. I still remember your sister as a little girl and now she will be having her own! Congrats also on your hubbys appointment!
    Love Pearl x


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