Sunday, 8 August 2010

Nestabilities Storage

I was introduced to Nestabilities dies by my good friend and fellow crafter, Dorcas, of Dorcas Designs. But the really tricky thing with Nestabilities is the storage!

I used to keep all my different dies in their packaging, in an A4 storage file from Ikea. But this kind of stopped me from using them because it was such a hassle getting them out every time, and then I'd keep them out because it was such a hassle putting them back, and then they would clutter my craft table...

But then Dorcas posted  a great Nestabilities storage idea on her blog. She very kindly sent me these rings, and here's how I used them:

The hooks are the tiny 'cup hooks', which I got from Homebase - they're really cheap, and you don't need to drill any holes, so they won't split the wood you're attaching them to.
I had to use these because it was most convenient to add hooks to my craft shelf - Dorcas hangs hers in other places; go have a look if you like, it's really useful!

Hope this helps!


  1. What a clever friend you I like how youve got them hanging up. If I had a wall facing desk I would have pegboard or something but free wall space. This is nice, you can just grab them without leaving your seat.

  2. What a humble friend too! LOL She is clever even if she does say so herself! It is so nice when you can have your fav tools handy!

  3. This is such a good tip for nesties! I still keep mine in their plastic case I bought from the store. Yes, I'm a 'still new and uncreased' freak lol!


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